Popular Folk Artforms of Medieval India
The gradual transition of Indian plays in medieval India was meditated through a number of currents and cross-currents. Different folk theatres of India use different materials and techniques, some of the plays/theatres were:

1. Koodiyattam


Koodiyattam follows the traditional practices of classical Sanskrit theatre. Originating from Kerala, this theatre is a dance drama and was generally performed during temple festivals. 

2. Yakshagana


A popular theatrical form from Karnataka which emphasizes on musical elements, costumes, and impromptu dialogues and stories, inspired by the classical mythologies. 

3. Tamasha


Tamasha is a traditional folk theatre form of Maharashtra. It was patronized by the Maratha rules in the 18th and the 19th centuries but is a popular form of entertainment with the female characters taking lead roles and singing songs of the patrons. 

4. Therukoothu


A very popular form of entertainment in Tamil Nadu which means 'street theatre' and is mostly seen in rural areas of the region. 

5. Jatra


Jatra is the most popular form of a folk drama of Bengal and is equally popular in Odisha and Eastern Bihar. The inspiration is taken from classical mythological tales as well as contemporary political and social incidents.